Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Jacob Cain
  • Date: 11/27/16 - Present
  • Skills: Shopify - Website Development and Design, Custom HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Client: Sole By Style LLC
  • Demo:See Demo

Sole By Style (SBS) is a distinctive retail and consignment store renowned for its curated selection of exclusive sneakers, streetwear, and accessories. The client approached us with a specific vision for their eCommerce website, seeking a contemporary yet minimalist design. After careful consideration, we determined that Shopify was the ideal platform to bring their vision to life.

To meet the client’s precise requirements, we embarked on a comprehensive approach. Our team implemented custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements to ensure that every aspect of the website matched their exact specifications. We also prioritized SEO optimization, enabling the website to rank favorably in search engine results and attract a wider audience.

Understanding the importance of streamlined operations, we incorporated a desktop point-of-sale (POS) system to facilitate smooth transactions within the physical store. Additionally, we integrated a Consignment Manager into the Shopify platform, enabling effortless inventory management across all devices. This integration ensures seamless synchronization between online and in-store inventory, providing an efficient and hassle-free experience for both the client and their customers.